We are 
Heel Pain Specialists 

We are heel pain specialists 

We want to help you heal your heel pain. 

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Fran Henderson


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01663 309684

Helen Longshaw


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Stepwise Podiatry,

your local foot health clinic, owned and run

by two HCPC

registered Podiatrist,

Helen Longshaw and Francine Henderson.


Step into our world 


We are 

specialist podiatrists 


experts in foot health.

We help people to over come the frustration and worry that foot problems can cause so that you can have comfortable and

pain-free feet,

 in order to live your life to its full potential.


We care about your feet,

just as your dentist cares about your teeth,

and your optician cares about your eyes.

Corns, calluses, in-growing toenails, biomechanical assessments/gait analysis, foot pain, footwear advice and toenail cutting.

Stepwise Podiatry 

44 Market Street 

New Mills 

High Peak 

SK22 4AA

01663 309684