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Foot care products for you,
sold by Podiatrists

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Fran Henderson


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Helen Longshaw


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Welcome to Stepwise Podiatry, your local foot health clinic, owned and run by two HCPC registered Podiatrist, Helen Longshaw and Francine Henderson. 

We are specialist podiatrists and experts in foot health. We Help people to over come the frustration and worry that foot problems can cause so that you can have comfortable and pain-free feet,

 in order to live your life to its full potential, be happy.

We care about your feet, just as your dentist cares about your teeth, and your optician cares about your eyes.

Corns, calluses, in-growing toenails, biomechanical assessments/gait analysis, foot pain, footwear advice and toenail cutting.


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Foot care products for you,
sold by Podiatrists




Every new patient who attends our practice will fall into this category.  This is your initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment.  At this time you can tell us your foot concerns and what your expectations are following your appointment, We can then see which tier your future treatments will be in.



Your treatment will fall into this tier if you would like help with toenail cutting and one or more of the following:  A small patch, or patches,  of hard skin on one or both feet and/or up-to 2 corns)



Your treatment will fall into this tier if you would like help with one or more of the following:  Nail cutting,  where one or more of your nails is particularly thick;  +/- large patches of hard skin to areas like the balls and/or heels of your foot/feet,  +/-cracked heels with thick hard skin, +/- single or multiple corns.


Simple Nail Cut and File

This tier is if you would like help with cutting your toenails.

Your nails are not thick. You do not need help with corns or hard skin.  


Please note that all patients will need a Comprehensive appointment so that we can determine the most appropriate level of care to meet your needs. 

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Is there one that can help you?...

Warm Wax 

£35 when added to any general care treatment

£40 as a stand alone treatment

Lacuna Method for Fungal Toenails

Please ask for details of our treatment package

Heel Pain Package


Assessment and gait analysis for foot, knee, ankle, hip pain


Formthotics (Insoles for foot pain)


Ingrowing Toenail (non surgical treatment)

Including review/treatment and initial dressing


Dressing packs available £2

(To include an anti-micorbial dressing add £1)

Annual Diabetic Foot Check


Children's nail care education session


Stepwise Podiatry 

44 Market Street 

New Mills 

High Peak 

SK22 4AA

01663 309684