Diabetes Awareness Week 

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Diabetes Awareness Week 2021.

We want to share our tips for caring for your feet if you have Diabetes.

So, here is our first tip. 

It’s simple, but important.  Here’s why…

Tip #1 -  Daily washing keeps skin clean, it helps reduce chances of smelly feet &  fungal infections that can be more common if you have diabetes. 

Drying well , especially between the toes, reduces chances of Athletes Foot and the chances of the skin between toes splitting  because the skin is too damp.

This is also the reason you do not need to put any moisturising foot cream between your toes. You don’t want any added moisture in there.

A daily foot cream containing Urea, and suitable for Diabetics, is best used every day.  Well hydrated skin is more supple and resilient to the stress and strain of everyday life so is less likely to get cracked.  Cracks in the skin could allow bacteria to get in and cause an infection, and this can happen more easily in Diabetic feet.

Click on the PDF to find out the other top tips.