A New Product is Born...Home Foot Care for You, Chosen by Podiatrists

Twenty Twenty has been a strange year, that's for sure.

Stepwise Podiatry did not escape the strangeness! We closed our clinic to all but emergencies , and in truth, there weren't any!


...and the ostrich watched Netflix!

We could have sat back and watched box sets on Netflix, or we could have put our heads in our hands, ostrich like, and try to forget we were not earning any money, and we had a business sitting empty in the town centre, with our patients toenails and hard skin growing at an alarming rate, causing foot pain and perhaps preventing them going for that all important daily exercise, which was one of the few things we were still allowed to do!


All our eggs were in one basket (chicken, duck, goose, ostrich!)

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic we realised that all our eggs were in one basket. Our business is totally face to face. It's how we work, and what we are taught. We are a hands-on health care practice, which just doesn't work when we couldn't see anyone face-to-face.


Cutting toenails over Zoom... (This didn't work either, in case you were wondering!)

Everyone seemed to be moving over to Zoom (if that's not in the Dictionary, it should be) for meetings and social events, and many health professionals moved to Telehealth. And, whilst we could have gone down this route, with a virtual assessment and advice, that might have been how to manage long toenails or remove hard skin or a corn, or even give advice and guidance on resolving heel pain or treating a fungal toenail, it was not something we'd tried before and it didn't sit comfortably with us.


Ta-Da! Our new Foot Care Hampers and Online Shop were born

As the first lockdown continued it soon became clear that this was not going away, and we needed something to sustain our business if we had to close again.

Time for an online shop selling professional quality foot care products for different foot care problems!

Not only was this a business decision but also, all the while we were closed, we were conscious that our regular patients could be struggling to do the best for their feet at home. We wanted to bring something to help everyone with footcare at home. It's so important to look after your feet.

We developed around 10 different foot care hampers and have chosen 5 to start your online shopping experience.

But, we didn't want these products to just turn up at your door in a boring brown jiffy bag, oh no, we wanted to give you something more.

We wanted to give you the products you needed and present them in a beautiful way that made you feel special when you received them (or if you were buying the hamper as a gift, when your lucky chosen recipient received them).

All the Footcare Hampers are packaged in a gift box with a Thank You postcard.

On the front is the My Stepwise Podiatry signature photo of Kinder Scout in the High Peak, of which we are very lucky to have a view of every day, and on the back, a hand-signed Thank You and instructions on how to get the best from your new foot care products.


We stop the confusion

Remember that time when you stood in the aisle of one of the well known high street pharmacies, faced with a plethora of products (foot care or otherwise) and a feeling of overwhelm as your brain tried to decided which product to pick? Well no more. As experts in foot care, we have taken that feeling away and have chosen professional foot care products, that we use in our podiatry clinic, for you, depending on your foot care need.


Here's what we're offering...

Foot Care Hamper for Nails and Hard Skin - perfect for tough toenails that can be hard to cut and hard skin that needs some TLC.

This hamper includes a diamondeb nail file, a foot file, and foot cream with that all-important ingredient Urea, plus an amazing fresh smell of Mountain Pine, Rosemary, and Lavender.

Winter Warmer Foot Care Hamper - Suffer from cold, dry feet? This is the one for you. With a tube of our Warming Balm, using ginger and paprika for its warming effect and aloe and apricot for moisturising, plus a pair of Organic Bamboo socks, to help keep your feet warm during the colder months. You even get a choice of sock colour too! (Teapot socks shown)

Deluxe Foot Care Hamper - This contains all you need for nail and hard skin care (as in the Foot Care Hamper for Hard Skin & Nails) plus a bottle of Dr's Remedy Nail Hydrating Treatment.

Dr's Remedy Nail Care Trio - Three Dr's Remedy products to care for your nails whilst giving them a lovely pop of colour, perfect for any time of the year.

If you've not heard about Dr's Remedy nail polishes then they were developed by a podiatrist who was looking for an alternative to traditional polish for his pregnant wife, who wanted to still paint her nails but didn't want all the harsh chemical that often go into them. Dr's Remedy in 10 Free, meaning it's free from 10 of the common chemicals used in nail polish with the addition of Tea Tree, Garlic Blub Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Biotin and Vitamins to protect and condition your nails in a more natural way.

What do you get?... Dr's Remedy Nail Hydrating Treatment + Dr's Remedy 2-in-1 base coat + Dr's Remedy colour polish. We're offering you a choice from 3 of our favourite colours: Rescue Red, Playful Pink or Glee Gold. (Rescue Red shown)

Under Foot Comfort Care Hamper - Hard skin will arise on areas of skin that are under excessive pressure or friction for some reason. Very commonly, under the ball of your foot, giving pain and discomfort when you walk.

This Hamper aims to provide you with the tools to, not only tackle the hard skin, with a foot file and foot cream but also comes with cushioning insoles that you can cut to fit your shoe size. Made from a medical-grade material called Poron, it won't lose its cushioning properties (we call that 'bottoming out') and helps to absorb some of that pressure and friction, making daily activities more comfortable. You can move the insoles from shoe to shoe, so you've got comfort where ever you go.

There's FREE Postage & Packaging too (in the UK)

Home Foot Care for You, Chosen by Podiatrists

Visit our online shop here https://bit.ly/mystepwisepodiatryshop


Thank You for taking the time to read our blog. If you have any questions then please get in touch.

Helen & Fran x

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