Are you looking for a new pair of shoes? You might want to consider these tips...


"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose" Dr Seuss


Now, don't get us wrong. Flip flops, high heels, ballet pumps, to name a few, all have their place but are not ideal for everyday wear. Here is some of our advice for choosing those shoes that you are likely to be wearing on a regular basis...

  • Choose a shoe that has a fastening. This could either be a buckle, velcro strap, or laces.

  • Make sure the shoes are wide enough and deep enough for your foot type.

  • Watch out for shoes with stitching detail. If the stitching is a bit rough inside, it could irritate your feet. Feel inside to make sure.

  • A lower heel height of around 1 inch is ideal.

  • Make sure your chosen shoes are fit for the intended purpose. e.g. trainers for running.

  • If you wear an orthotic, look for shoes where the existing insole of the shoe is removable. This gives your toes more room in the shoe when your orthotic is in. Remember to take your orthotic with you when trying shoes on.


Next, cut out the foot shape, and try fitting into your shoe...


If the shoe fits, wear it... Try this suggestion to see if your shoe is a good fit for your foot.

To see if your shoe is a good match for your foot shape, take a piece of card or paper, and draw around your foot (in socks or bare feet).

Next, cut out the foot shape and try putting it inside your shoe.

Is it a good fit, or are you getting it creased up around the sides or at the ends of the toe box?

If so, this is what is also happening to your feet when they are in the shoes and maybe the reason for any hard skin or corns that are forming.


Interestingly, the outdoor footwear is in pristine condition, it's the slippers that are the problem


Let's have a word about slippers...

Watch out for sloppy slippers! Slippers that fit well, secure to your feet, and have a firm supportive sole are just as important as your outdoor footwear.

Sloppy Slippers = increase risk of falls, especially in the elderly who, more often than not, are wearing slippers as, more often than not, they spend more time at home and less time out and about. Interestingly, the outdoor footwear is in pristine condition, the problem is the slippers...


We hope you've learned something new and got some take-aways after reading our blog.

Thank You for taking the time and

Stepping Into Our World.

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