Best Ways to Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine (In our opinion!)

Walking, that's our thing. Fran can frequently be seen taking to the hills with her dog and family. Helen walks daily.

The Peak District is certainly a walker's heaven and many of our patients definitely take advantage of that fact.

For others, their thing will be running, or cycling, or group exercise classes or going to the gym.

Regular exercise can help keep us fit; keeping our weight under control, keeping our heart muscle strong, and helping lower our blood cholesterol.

It may also be beneficial for our mental health, either as a social activity, such as a running or walking club or group exercise class. You might prefer to go it alone, giving you time for yourself and some thinking space.

Getting outdoors in the fresh air is also a great boost, come rain or shine. Sunshine is a good way to boost our vitamin D and help our immunity too (in a sensible way, of course).

So, below are some of the things we think could help you to do some form of exercise every day.

Good Luck and Remember...Enjoy It!


1. Find an activity that you enjoy. You're more likely to stick to your chosen exercise if you enjoy it.

2. Involve a friend or two. It's harder to decide not to exercise if you know someone else is relying on you.

3. Be accountable. This means telling everyone your exercise intentions and goals. You're more likely to stick to those goals if everyone you've told is watching to see if you achieve them.

4. Sometimes doing more exercise is simply about leaving the car at home and walking when you can. Taking the stairs rather than the lift and getting off the bus a little earlier than usual to walk the last part of your journey.


5. Keep your exercise goal handy, such as written down in a prominent place or as a screensaver on your smartphone or computer. This keeps you motivated and always moving in the right direction.


We wouldn't be Podiatrists if we didn't mention foot care in all of this!

Your feet carry you everywhere, making exercise, and indeed those simple everyday tasks, possible without discomfort.

If you are able to, you can try these foot care tips at home...

Keep toenails shortish. This means level with the top of your toe. Too short and they can become sore or ingrowing.

If you have hard skin, file this gently with a foot file. Do this when your skin is bone dry. It's common to think that it's better to do this when skin is wet, but not so.

Use a daily foot cream. Choose one specially designed for feet.

If you struggle with your foot care or would like some advice, then we are here to help.

If you want to know more about caring for your feet at home and about using foot cream then take a look at our other blogs.


If you live in Derbyshire and you want some help with your health goals, such as losing weight or stopping smoking, you may be able to get some help from Live Life Better Derbyshire...have a look at their website and speak to you GP.

Thank You!

For, Stepping Into Our World

Fran & Helen x

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