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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

IF you're reading this blog, our guess is that you think you have a fungal toenail infection (or you know someone who does), or you have been trying to treat your fungal nail infection with little or no success.


THE reason the anti-fungal nail paint you can buy to treat the affected nail is not working as well as you hoped, is that the infection is actually on the skin under the nail. This means that the treatment must penetrate through the thick and discoloured nail to reach the active infection.

WE want to tell you about a treatment we are offering that allows the antifungal treatment to get directly to the source of the infection, and offers a greater success rate than treatments you can buy over the counter.

LACUNA METHOD for fungal toenails is exclusive to Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioners. The Lacuna Method involves us making tiny holes in the infected nail plate and applying Lamisil Athletes Foot spray, or Lamisil Once, into the holes to get the treatment to where it is needed most, the nail bed.

The Lacuna Method is offered as a treatment package, lasting initially 6 months. You will have 4 appointments, spaced around 6 weeks apart.

At each appointment, nails will be cut and filed and more micro-holes drilled into the nail plate followed with an application of an anti-fungal treatment.

There is some homework for you to do too!

Don't worry, it's not equations! Thankfully it's a lot easier than that!

You need to apply the anti-fungal treatment into the micro-holes in your nail every day in between your appointments. Easy.


SO, what is a fungal nail infection?

FUNGAL nail infections generally start after the nail has been damaged.

Fungal nail infections are caused by Dermatophyte fungi. They are part of the normal Flora and Fauna of our skin.

After the nail is damaged the fungi can invade under the nail plate where, in the warm and moist environment of our socks and shoes, the fungi are allowed to thrive.


HOW do you know if you've got a fungal nail infection?

THE most commonly affected nail is the big toenail, followed by the little toenail, as these are most susceptible to damage, but any or all nails can be infected.

SIGNS of a fungal nail are typically:

1. White, brown and yellow in colour

2. Thickened

3. Crumbly or brittle

4. Distorted in shape

5. Lifting from the nail bed.

THESE changes in nail colour and shape may make you feel:

1. Embarrassed by your feet

2. That you don't want to show your feet

3. You don't want to wear your holiday sandals or flip flops

4. The thickened, loose, distorted nail can be painful in enclosed footwear


LACUNA method is -

1. Exclusive to Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioners

2. A pain-free and safe treatment option

3. The making of tiny holes in the nail to allow the treatment to get where it is needed.

4. Requires a continued once a day application of Lamisil Athletes Foot treatment into the holes to allow a healthy nail to grow.


How do I know if Lacuna is suitable for me?

1. LACUNA is suitable for most people, however, there are some contra-indications.

2. YOUR compliance is key to your success, but we are here to help.


Step Towards Better Foot Health


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If you would like to know more about Fungal Nail infections, our in-house fungal nail test, prevention, and other treatment options for fungal toenails, then please click here to visit our Fungal Nail Infections Blog

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please get in touch.

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