Healthy feet at home. Self-care for your feet with these tips...

Ever heard the phrase, “prevention is better than cure”? Just as this might ring true for your teeth and eyes, it’s also true for your feet.


Here are some simple, but effective, things for you to try at home...

Use a daily moisturising cream, ideally one specifically for your feet.

Wash your feet every day and dry thoroughly between your toes to prevent cracking, and infections like athlete's foot.

Use a foot file, once a week, on any hard skin. l Be sure to use it on bone dry skin, and not whilst you are in the bath or shower.

Trim your toenails straight across and to just above the level of your skin at the end of your toe. If you cut the nail too short or round the corners this can make your nail more susceptible to in-growing.

Wear clean socks every day and try to rotate your footwear, so you are not wearing the same pair of shoes every day. This is particularly important if you suffer from Athletes Foot or Fungal Toenails.

If you struggle to look after your feet, cut your nails, remove hard skin, or even just want some advice, then make an appointment and come to see us.

Let's Transform Your feet, Together.


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