Want Feet That Look And Feel Better? Of Course You Do! Foot Cream - The Why, The How & The What...

Transforming Feet Together...

Always Know Your Why

Are you guilty of moisturising your face and body religiously on a daily basis only to stop at your ankles, before thrusting your feet into socks and shoes and dashing out the door, hoping that the dry, rough skin will disappear during the day?

The reason you take such good care of your skin is so that you look and feel good.

Are we right?

Time to stop stopping at your ankles and turn your attention to your feet too.

Well moisturised feet not only look and feel better, but strong supple skin can help protect your feet from cracks, cuts and infections.

Get Clear On The How...

Really, The How, is any way you can!

If you can easily reach your feet, then it's not a problem to put some cream on them.

If you do find it difficult to reach then you could ask your partner, friend or carer to help


Get inventive! Use a wooden spoon or spatula to rub the cream on the bottom of your feet or use a large car sponge. Squeeze the cream on to the sponge, and whilst seated you can rub your feet

over the sponge and into the cream. Voila!

As the saying goes... "Where there's a will, there's a way."

The 4 Rules...

In our opinion, there are 4 rules when it comes to applying foot cream -

  • Apply daily - just like on your face and the rest of your body.

  • Not between your toes - adding extra moisture to these areas makes them too moist and can result in splitting of the interdigital skin and encourage an athletes foot infection.

  • Choose a time in the day that suits you the best. This way you can make it easy to fit it into your routine. Applying cream to your feet is often thought of as something we must do at night, but often we are too tired to be bothered and it gets forgotten for another day.

  • Lastly - choose a cream you love to use. It might be the texture or the smell, or the way it sinks into your skin without feeling greasy. If you love the cream you'll love to use it - Daily!

Wondering About The What...

You may be wondering, "Well, do I just use any old cream, or do I need one especially for my feet?".

Good question and one we get asked a lot.

Different products tend to be developed for different parts of the body. We use an eye cream for the delicate under-eye area, perhaps a face cream with added SPF or anti-ageing ingredients (maybe that's just us!) on our faces.

The skin on your feet is naturally drying and thicker than on other parts of your body. With this in mind, it is better to use one specifically designed for feet.

Many of these contain an ingredient called Urea.

Urea is a naturally occurring waste product made mostly in the liver but also occurs as part of the skin's normal physiology.

Urea is an ingredient that helps our skin to do a few things. It has an exfoliating effect without affecting normal skin, it helps lock in the moisture to our skin and can stimulate our skin to produce more oils to reduce dryness.

For normal daily foot care, a cream with 10% urea is fine. If you have cracks around your heels look for a cracked heel cream. These contain a higher level of urea, at 25%. When the cracks have healed, you can then change to a cream with 10% urea to prevent further cracks and maintain healthy skin.


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